Ride along in this Porsche 917 as it takes on Laguna Seca

The flat-12 wails behind your head. 1,100 horsepower are eager to be unleashed by your right foot, should you dare to tread in four-figure power country. This car was built in 1973 and it provides a thrill ride that could be considered ageless. Sit down, strap in, and hold on as Bruce Canepa wheels this amazing machine around Laguna Seca.
Imagine driving a race car with this much power, no roof, and footwell that places your toes into the nose ahead of the wheels. In the video above, Bruce makes it look relatively easy to scoot the car around the course. Now imagine that there are 10-15 other Can Am race cars running side-by-side out there. Imagine the checkered flag… the glory …a race win are on the line. And you need to harness all 1,100 horsepower to get you to the finish.
[Source: Racer via Jalopnik]

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One response to “Ride along in this Porsche 917 as it takes on Laguna Seca”

  1. anonymic Avatar

    Me: How many Torques does this have?
    Bruce: Yes.

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