's Amazing Custom DIY Gauge Faces custom miata gauges tach speedo A friend of Hooniverse passed this along to us, and it was too good not to share with the masses. The tutorial is for a Miata but with some modification it will probably work for any gauge cluster you can throw at it. But it’s not for the faint of heart … are you up to the challenge? custom gauge cluster tachometer speedometer estimates the process will take up to 80 hours if you include the time it takes to design your custom gauge faces. Thankfully a basic template for the Miata is provided. Much of the rest of the time is spent carefully aligning, cutting, and gluing together the various layers … ensuring of course that you don’t get any fingerprints on any of them. Easy? No, but it’s probably pretty satisfying to watch the needle swing into your custom designed tachometer’s “HOON” zone. And by the way, if anyone does this and happens to label their redline with the word “HOON,” you get extra super Hooniverse bonus points. Thanks to Heath for the tip!

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