Reverse Engineering

The sun is up, and just in time to provide you with this Moment of LeMons Zen.

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14 responses to “Reverse Engineering”

  1. TurboBrick Avatar

    I think we need video of this thing in motion.

  2. RichardKopf Avatar

    Honestly, it would be cooler if it were facing the right fucking direction.

    1. mechimike Avatar

      Boy, someone peed in your Wheaties this morning!

      1. RichardKopf Avatar

        They did. Piss-puffed Wheaties taste horrible, and I was too quick to dismiss this quaint creation. And for that, I ask for a slice of humble piss pie.

    2. sketchler Avatar

      Why would it be cool going forward? Do you know how many early-eighties F-series trucks exist down here? (It's a lot.) Do you know how many early-eighties F-series bodies exist on Crown Vic frames, backwards? Not many!

  3. mechimike Avatar

    What surprises me most about this is that no one's done it before now.

  4. CptSevere Avatar

    This is as mental as it comes. The dude's a twisted genius. I can just imagine trying to concentrate on your driving while following this thing around the track. Me, I'd be laughing too hard. He really ought to put the headlights back in the sockets, so the damn thing is staring at you when you're behind it.

    1. B72 Avatar

      Yes, and have them light up red when he hits the brakes!

    2. ademrudin Avatar

      I'd be more surprised if I saw it in the rearview mirror, coming up alongside to pass me. "OH SHI— EVASIVE MANEUVERS EVASIVE MANEUVERS" (thinking that it was in the process of spinning and about to take me out)

    3. mechimike Avatar

      "I can just imagine trying to concentrate on your driving while following this thing around the track. Me, I'd be laughing too hard"
      If you've ever driven in a LeMons race, that's like half the cars on the track. The other half, well, they aren't trying hard enough!
      Murillee once remarked that LeMons shoule be like Burning Man, except the art cars are trading paint at 100 mph. I coudn't express my feelings on this race series better myself.

    4. coupeZ600 Avatar

      So waay back in the day when most Big Trucks didn't have air-conditioning (you can't buy one without A/C today), there was a whole network (?) of Trees that you could park under to sleep and get out of the sun. There was a system where you'd pull under the Tree, sleep with your head on the wheel until the next guy that wanted to use the Tree would pull up behind you, sets his air-brakes (which wakes you up), and he fills out his log-book while you get the hell back on your way. That way nobody sleeps too long. He sleeps until the next Driver shows up, sets the air-brakes (alarm clock), and the cycle continued.
      The Trees always had a Truck parked under them.
      The Trees around here were almost always around Trading Posts, so a buddy of mine was sleeping quite peacefully under the Tree when another Driver, who was making a delivery to the Trading Post needed to nose right up on him. The other Driver sets the air brakes, and is getting out to go do his business when my buddy wakes up and thinks he's still moving and about to get in a Head-On and see's what he thinks is the other Driver bailing out, and jams on the brake pedal so hard it breaks.
      I've jammed on those f*ckers with both feet before, and can't imagine what it would take to actually break one.

  5. Alff Avatar

    This is brilliant. No more looking back to see if your load has fallen out. Thanks, SP!

  6. Black Steelies Avatar

    Cool! Now try it with a 1 ton dump truck…