Lancia Aurelia B20GT

Restomod done right: The Lancia Aurelia B20GT

Carfection’s Henry Catchpole drives all manner of wonderful automobiles. Be they old or new, he gets his hands on a lot of great metal. The latest is a true stunner. Built by Thornley Kelham, the car started life as a standard Lancia Aurelia B20. That last bit means the car is a coupe. To Thornley Kelham’s team, that also means it’s the perfect platform to turn the car into a bit of an outlaw.

A client was on the hunt for a competition B20GT. This quest led to a barn find car in the US that was acquired and set out for restoration work. This specific car was originally purchased and then driven in the Mille Miglia, where it finished second overall. After decades of neglect, the shop in Gloucestershire has transformed the car into something rather amazing. Soon after, the idea of turning more Aurelias into race-ready machines led to the creation of an Aurelia Outlaw program.

Using either a 2.5 or 2.8-liter fuel-injected engine, the team bolts the Aurelia powerplant to a transaxle gearbox. There’s now a stronger bottom end with more power and torque as well for the V6. Originally, a B20GT would see 118 horsepower while the Outlaw version runs with 180 hp. Thornley Kelham is working on other engine modifications to boost that figure even closer to 200 hp.

To make use of that increased power, the restomod Lancia is fitted with a rack and pinion steering setup. A disc brake lives at each corner, as does a modern bit of rubber around the wheels. The front and rear fenders are a bit wider, but you’ll only notice if you see an Outlaw sitting next to a stock B20GT.

The work is masterfully done, and the finished product is how all restomods should be built. Click play on the video above and check out Carfection’s opinion on the matter. You’ll learn a lot more about the car as well.

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