Regular Car Reviews examines a 2007 Suzuki Bandit 1250

suzuki bandit 1250 The Regular Car Reviews team continues to churn out a slushy froth of video content brimming with insightful tidbits and quick comments. It all comes together to prove that the Narrator is either a genius or has a tumor that’s pressing down on a part of the brain that gives way to a Rain Man-like level of knowledge. Think John Travolta’s character in Phenomenon. Also, Google might have the same tumor because I typed “John Travolta Tumor Genius” and the IMDB page for the correct film was the first result. This time around the RCR team has turned its attention away from four-wheeled conveyances. The vehicle in question is a 2007 Suzuki Bandit 1250, but the video treatment is all the same. Click on down past the jump to take in the RCR journey of the bike in question. [youtube][/youtube]

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