Regular Car Reviews has been cranking out fantastic videos for years now. What makes the content great is the tone and knowledge delivered. The actual footage was fine. It was never eye candy and it never needs to be. But what happens when you do make the footage as wonderful as the words being said? You get the video below; a Regular Car Reviews special covering the 1989 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia.

The RCR crew teamed up with a Canadian company that clearly knows its way around visual mediums. This footage is gorgeous. Yet the tone and jokes are still very much RCR-grade material. It’s smart and funny. And occasionally over the top in the way we’ve all come to enjoy and expect from this crew.

And just when you wonder if maybe RCR is getting too touchy-feely. Too soft. The “commercial” segment comes in and makes you laugh, smile, and cringe all at once.

This is a truly fantastic video. A hearty well done to everyone involved.