Real Hoons of Genius

(Real Hoon of genius) We salute you, Mr. Overpass-hanging Beertruck Driver. Because when other truck drivers are clogging the highways with spilled loads of rasberry jam (it’s so sticky) and watermelons (you’d think seedless wouldn’t be so messy), you bring it. If people have to be stuck in traffic (feels like it’s been hours), you remind them that a cold, icy Bud Light when they get home makes the wait all worthwhile. (it makes them thir-irsty). That’s why, when we see your big rear end hanging over us, and dropping its load of crisp, clean Bud Light, we say. . . Thanks. (Real hoons of geniuuuuus!)
Props to Jo Schmo for the tip.


    1. My guests give me strange looks when I try to make them take the "real" beer, so that I can save the Bud Light for myself.
      Pretty sure they've got a Hank Hill voice in their heads…. "That boy ain't right."

  1. Does anyone know where this happened? Looking at the airplane images on the overpass, I'd assume it's close to an airport, airbase, or NASA installation or something.
    Maybe this is the start of a new series… "Name that overpass"…. anyone?

    1. What's strange is, a Google search of "beer bud light overturned OR accident OR spill bridge OR highway" turned up quite a few beer truck accidents. Is "beer truck driver" an especially dangerous profession? Or is there such a huge volume of beer transported?
      For example, this similar looking event reported by "" has beer overturning on I-75 in Ohio:

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