Ready, Aim, FIRE! In this Order, Please*

Firing order diagram
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From the outside, most American V8s look about the same. Things get interesting once you start messing with ignition or camshafts. As you can see here, there’s more to be figured out. Aside from distributor and spark plug wire installations, these differences contribute to the specific sound and feel that each engine has. Print it out, post it on your wall and pretend you’re in a speed shop from the 1960s. Source: MSD Ignition (but I can’t find it on their site) via Blog dos Carros Antiguos (how’s your Portuguese?). Update: Wow, so apparently we need to keep up with what the other guys are doing, given that Jalopnik ran this back on May 5th (after finding it on Bangshift) with a nearly identical headline. We’re not in the copy-off-others’-homework business, so we’d like to offer our apologies for the duplication.

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