Reader Submission: Various Cars and Trucks of Prague

Various Prague cars Reader and frequent commenter, Sjalabais, recently took a family trip to Prague, and other parts of the Czech Republic. The other day he sent us dozens of pictures from his trip – not of his family but of the really cool cars, and toy cars, he has seen along the way. If you like the …Cars Living and Dying in Poland series, you will like this. From Sjalabais:

Hey Kamil, I recently spent a week in Prague with my wife and kids. I promised them not to take too many pictures of cars and/or talk about stuff on wheels all the time. That didn’t go too well. Prague has very colourful streets – proper old machinery, replicas, everything European, new wheels and serious luxury right next to communist remnants. You’ll find a selection (it really is) attached, and it is up to you what you want to do with it… Some comments to bring some order:

  • Tourists can see the city from the backseat of proper oldtimers such as 1920’s and 30’s Skoda, restomod Fords and Skodas, or replicas. Many of the replicas are made in Poland, such as JAK.
  • The streets of central Prague are dominated by trams, mostly still the standard Tatra T3. It is a simple, even beautiful, and unbelievably reliable piece of machinery I was used to in my childhood days, too. The Wikipedia-article about them is pretty good.
  • A toy museum shows lots and lots of toy cars of interest, not just for your British writer. Skoda appears to have its own, rather expensive, toy car producer, ABREX. Never heard of it before, but these are fine models. On markets, Chinese wooden models dominate where the car-hungry eye lands.

I have never before seen so many Bentleys as in Prague! Without actually counting, I’d guess I saw at least 15 different cars within a very confined area. The Porsche Cayenne is pretty popular, too, as are the newest flashy Audi and BMW. Volvo XC60 and XC90 line the streets in more posh districts, too, but so did old Skoda, Nissan and other appliances. Which is really what makes the streets there – Norway has an egalitarian blend of rational, silver-grey-blackish wagons, while Prague really was colourful. Rear-engined Skoda were plentiful still outside of the old city, but we didn’t see a single one in the more touristy areas. Hope you enjoy some of these photos, all shot with ..a toaster.. my phone. Best Sjalabais

Thank you, sir. All pictures are after the jump. They are in completely random order, which I apologies for. 20140508_205000 20140508_210139_T3 20140509_093905_Citroën 20140509_110750_ToyMuseum 20140509_110753_ToyMuseum (Custom) 20140509_110756_ToyMuseum 20140509_123018_JAK 20140509_123459 20140509_133322_ABREX 20140509_134535 20140509_134541 20140509_134633_Octavia 20140509_134642_Octavia 20140509_174940 20140509_174948 20140509_174953 20140509_174955 20140509_174959 20140509_175303 20140509_175706_Trabant 20140510_093937 20140510_100553 20140510_100556 20140510_122021 20140510_122104_SkodaTruck 20140510_141231_PoliceX4 20140510_143945 20140510_171735 20140511_181256 20140512_102111_StandardCzechFare 20140512_124604 20140512_124608_BrownRetroPedalBoatWIN 20140512_135320 20140512_161053 20140512_173021 20140512_173028 20140513_113911 20140513_114350 20140513_124014_SunShadowOfLife 20140514_102824 20140514_153534_T3 20140515_111618 20140515_111630 20140515_153149_WrongChoice 20140515_153159_WrongChoice 20140515_111816

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