Ranflas.ru Gives Us a Reason to Learn Russian

RanflasChecking out car culture from other countries is always great. After we discovered just how awesome their cars are, Sweden’s recently made a big jump to tie Australia on the list of places we’d live if not in the Good Ole’ USA. Speed:Sport:Life recently did a hilarious piece on how to be a British auto hack. If you’re willing to fire up Google Translate (or dust off those high school textbooks, Dad), you really should check out Ranflas.ru.

ranflasThey seem to have as good a handle on US car culture as any site on this side of the iron curtain, all the while bringing us some sweet oddball machines from Eastern Europe. You can actually download their first issue as a (really big) .pdf, and apparently they ship issues all over Russia for 150 rubles, which is like $5. Provided you’re willing to run a transaction across all sorts of borders, you could probably get them to ship an issue stateside for a few bucks more. Talk about having the car magazine elitist upper hand over your Evo-reading car buddies…


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7 responses to “Ranflas.ru Gives Us a Reason to Learn Russian”

  1. damnelantra™[!] Avatar

    see, we are not so different!

  2. BGW Avatar

    "Although the Belgians are still the most radical guys, but the Spaniards yield to them less."
    I certainly can't argue with that.

    1.  Avatar
  3. Texan_Idiot25 Avatar

    Regarding that past picture, why the hell is that a trend? Eurotrash + Hellaflush + rat rod?

  4.  Avatar
  5. Jim-Bob Avatar

    I like that ZIS, but have to wonder where they found one in that good of a condition! Don’t know I would have lowered it like that though, but I guess it’s a reversible mod. The Lada Samara though is an ugly car when stock, and uglier when modified like that.

  6. Manic_King Avatar

    My first car was VAZ 2108 (Lada Samara), like the one in 3rd pic above but with 2 doors. Well, it was actually my mom's car I more or less trashed, when about 18-20y old. All kind of things were tried out, like driving to party with 13 people in this car (it's approx. same size as Mk2 VW Golf), driving whole snowy winter with summer tires without any tread on them, driving with wrong but wide rims which had 4×100 bolt battern, on a 4×98 Lada (can be done, tighten the bolts first, then drive couple of meters/feet which feels like you have square wheels, then tighten again), some accidents etc. Ah, those were the days….