Racing Radio Flyer: Because You've Lived Long Enough Already

Survival of the Fittest is overrated.

Recently I met up with commenter and Hooniverse legend Number Six. While exploring all the wonder(s) that Calgary has to offer, we stumbled across this delightful little tidbit. Anyone feeling like taking their own life in their hands?

Mr. Horsepower says "Go Faster".
It was in a shop window, and required me to do a bit of gymnastics to get a photo, but thankfully the people working there didn’t seem the least bit interested in me. I would have asked them for some specific details, like what the engine was from, or what actual modifications had been done, but I didn’t want to wake them. It appears to have a large lawn-mower engine on it, and based on the tubing and piping involved, I actually suspect that NOS bottle could be real. It’s chain driven, and apparently chain-steered, judging by that steering wheel on the front. My personal favourite is the giant gear-lever standing tall and proud. This doesn’t appear to be your standard back-yard hack-job. Someone has spent a whole lot of time and energy on this. The quality of the build is really quite excellent, and the attention to detail is far more than you might expect. Much of it, I expect, is there in jest. There are far more toggle-switches and controls than I would think necessary. There is also a boost gauge, and maybe one of our more suicidal tech-savvy commenters can enlighten me, but I don’t see a whole lot of purpose for that, in the absence of any visible turbo or supercharger. So much of the detail is clearly comical, but at the same time, evident of a whole lot of time spent. I’m slightly afraid of it, but I’m thinking there would be worse ways to end up as a sticky paste on the side of a building. I’d be willing to give it a try. How about you?

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