Race Motion beautifully captures the brutality of The Mint 400

You have 525 competitors battling in the Nevada desert. The course is brutal. The vehicles are wildly capable. And the drivers excel at pushing themselves and their machines to the limit. And this is what The Mint 400 looks like, captured through the lens of the Mad Media team. This is Race Motion and it’s a beautiful vision of a brutal bit of motorsport.

I’ve pulled out a few stills from the video for you as well:

You should still watch the video to see all of this in action. But the stills are a nice snap in time to further slow down the insanity of it all.


  1. Fantastic! The vehicle showing up at around 01:30 looks as if it was designed like a boat hull, almost. Crazy machinery nonetheless.

  2. The suspension on these trucks is amazing, with the ability to conform to significant changes in terrain without upsetting the cabin. I would assume such a setup would be terrible on paved roads? Otherwise, it would be fun to have a vehicle capable of such things that could also be driven normally.

    1. It moves a lot on paved roads. Front rear and side to side, everything shifts as you drive around. Major nose dive under braking and nose lift on heavy throttle, and then big lean when turning. But it’s fun if you expect it.

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