Quick Shift 3: Here's my Clarion Audio system in the HoonTruck

Finally the HoonTruck gets some Quick Shift love. Today we’re going to look at the upgraded audio system I’ve had installed in my 1965 Ford F100. It’s been supplied by the good folks at Clarion, and it was installed by Beach Auto in Huntington Beach.
We’re working with the Clarion NZ503 head unit, a pair of component speakers with a 6 1/2 and tweeters, a four-channel amplifier, and a pair of powered subwoofers. It all adds up to some great sound and a few modern features in the cab of my old truck.
The space where a more classically cool radio would sit was cut long before I was given the keys to this machine. So that’s why I don’t feel too bad about swapping out the lame head unit that was in there. Or the random singular speaker that was wired up and hanging in the space where a glove box should exist.
That’s all gone. Now I have a unit with navigation. There’s Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to hookup a rear-view camera. I can hear my music cleanly and clearly, rather than assume what I’m hearing is rock and or roll rattling through the glove box door.
Also, I can choose to use as much or as little of the technology packed in the Clarion system as I like. I can fold the screen away and just play music through the system with my paired phone. And if I ever get bored of listening to the music… I can just mash the throttle.

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