Quick Pic: How to win a track day before you even hit the track

I was at Willow Springs for “a thing” yesterday. Most of my time was spent over at Streets of Willow, which is the smaller, tighter stretch of tarmac out in Rosamond. Big Willow, however, was playing host to an amazing gathering of machines. The most amazing had to be this Dodge Daytona.
The driver was running full bore around the high-speed circuit and the car sounded amazing. Both on and off throttle, this was clearly a be-winged beast that was there to get down to business.
Another bit of awesome added to the day? It appears that the tow rig is an old Dodge Crew Cab. Also, the plate on the back of the mighty bit of Mopar racing history? It’s an old California blue and gold that simply reads “DAYTONA”.
This is how you win a track day event, before the first corner worker even waves a flag.
(Also, stay tuned for more on that “thing” I mentioned above… because I got to briefly drive it.)

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2 responses to “Quick Pic: How to win a track day before you even hit the track”

  1. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    I like the little fairings just sitting at the ends of the rear bumper. Nice aero touch.

  2. outback_ute Avatar

    My father often takes his old Falcon GT to track days instead of his modern, and he has just as much fun, even if it is not fast. And even with upgraded brakes and wheels, pads and tyres are cheaper too.

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