Question of the Weekend: Wouldn't you rather have more choice in Color?

Here is a question that has been burning in the back of my mind for the past several years. It seems that we have all become color blind when it comes to our cars or trucks. The new cars are available in a variety of colors, as long as they are shades of Gray. I’m talking about Dark Gunmetal Gray, Medium Gray, Mineral Gray, Light Gray, Silver, Gray Black, and of course, Silver Gray. Black is just another Gray, and White is really the absence of color. The car companies do offer at least one shade of Red, and maybe a couple of different Blues, with Beige (another boring shade) rounding out the mix. I want to know what happened to the vibrant colors that were once offered. What happened to any shade of Green? How about something in the Yellow category. And does anyone miss the Chrysler DayGlo colors, or the AMC Big Bad Shades? Have your say below, and be sure to comment all weekend…

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