Proving Grounds returns for its second season

Leh Keen, Parker Kligerman, and Sam Smith are back in the desert. The trio have returned to host a second season of Proving Grounds. This is the show that features all three trying to test a wide range of machinery over the soothing sounds of 80’s synthwave. Right out of the gate, the action is rather awesome.

That because episode one features Parker’s own NASCAR Camry being let loose on the Proving Grounds test track. It’s driven by Leh Keen, who is used to either GT-spec sportscars or his own Safari’d Porsche 911s. After the stock car shenanigans, the three hosts get down to business. On the docket for this week, we have the Ford Mustang Bullitt, Genesis G70, and the Porsche 911 GT2.

The episode and the season kick off on 9/8/19 at 7:30pm EST. If you’re paying attention to the NASCAR playoff races, you’ll notice these will follow right after.

Later on in the season, the goodness continues. Vehicles to be tested include the Vanderhall Venice, a Crosskart, a Trophy Truck, and …somehow they got their hands on a Mazda 787B. Yes, holy shit.

All seven episodes will unfold between 9/8 and 11/17. Tune in and enjoy.

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