Project Car SOTU: 4Runner Project keeps running

My 2010 Toyota 4Runner SR5 has been getting somewhat regular updates on Hooniverse. In recent times I installed Rigid Industries off-road lights, eBay LED interior lights, and provided a four-season update on my BFGoodrich KO2 tires.
Other than routine maintenance and one annoying intermittent issue there’s not much to report. It currently has less than 50,000 miles so I don’t expect major issues for a while. I do have some new parts laying around and some plans but time is lacking…

Three months ago I bought a brand new set of OEM take-off wheels from a ’17 4Runner Trail. They are obviously newer than my wheels, look great, and are also half inch wider than my factory wheels. These wheels will give the truck an updated look. I had them delivered to my friends at Ace Performance but I have not had a chance to go there and swap over my tires and pressure sensors yet.
On the topic of looks, I continue to remove the overwhelming amount of chrome from this vehicle. I have bought a black trim piece that goes above the rear license plate to replace my chrome trim. It’s from the Trail model and I found it on a forum for cheap. It made a huge difference although it doesn’t look it in this picture. At the same time added a proper license frame. 

I have been looking into an audio upgrade, too. The factory speakers are seven years old and they were crappy to begin with. I would like to retain the factory headunit just because I hate aftermarket units but Apple CarPlay would be nice. I also don’t know if I just want to upgrade the speakers or get an amp and/or a small subwoofer. Research goes on.
I have sold the Thule Alpine roof pack I used last summer. I could not keep it on the car due to our frequent uses of city garages. I couldn’t put it in storage because I had no space. Now we are planning a road trip and I could really use it. The good news is that I now have more storage space so I can a roof box once it’s off the vehicle. Search is on for something different.

One of the interior bulbs I bought on eBay has burnt out. I bitched about it on a forum and the company has reached out to me themselves and sent me a new bulb. It’s been working great since. I have also conducted a highly non-scientific test of the bulbs where either a cargo area or the dome light remained on for an extended period of time and didn’t kill the battery. That’s success in my eyes.

The Rigid Industried D2 off-road lights are simply fantastic. Looking at the above picture I must say that I need to adjust them up a bit for further illumination. Funny thing about lights, they are like horsepower, very addictive. I now want more lights, or at least brighter lights. A headlight upgrade before the winter would be nice.
The one thing that has been giving me trouble some time ago was this transmission code. It is the selector module and it is a common problem with Toyotas. It seems to be related to colder temperatures as I haven’t seen the CEL in a while but winter is right around the corner. 
To be ready for more of everything I added an OEM Toyota first aid kit. It was good quality, affordable, and matched the car. I will upgrade it further and report back soon.
I also added a fire extinguisher. I spent some time looking for the perfect bracket and mounting location for it. One day I got sick of it rolling around so I tried to put it into the glove box. What do you know, it fit perfectly and it’s not rolling around. Not only that, it is easily accessible, too. No bracket needed. Job done!
For the upcoming camping trip I will be adding a small folding shovel and an ax! I’m so outdoorsy! 

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4 responses to “Project Car SOTU: 4Runner Project keeps running”

  1. Alff Avatar

    If you only need rooftop cargo space once or twice a year, I recommend a bag. Ours is large, waterproof and does not require a roof rack. Used on the roof of my wagon, it left no evidence of its presence after a 3500 mile road trip. At around $40 it is far cheaper than most other options and it will be easy to store.

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      On a similar vein, if they will fit, why not use a non folding shovel and axe?

      1. Alff Avatar

        I have no issue with a folding shovel. A folding axe, on the other hand…

        1. Kamil K Avatar

          No, I don’t need a folding shovel as a proper one will fit.
          I bought another roof box – exactly the same one I had for exactly the same price, except brand new.