Project Car SOTU 2016: The Lion goes from strength to strength.

When I documented the tragic events that unfolded late last year, where the life of my wife’s venerable Peugeot 306 briefly hung in the balance, public reaction was heartwarming. Internationally, the loyal readers of a website littered with exotic Mercedes, glamorous Datsun and exquisite Subaru project cars to name but a few, had embraced the old Peugeot to their collective bosom.
Well, from us both, thank you. And so for a full update on progress on the Peugeot, which continues to perform flawlessly on Nicola’s daily commute, as well as whisking us off for various low-budget holiday adventures. Just what have I achieved since last year?
Well, I’ve bought some paint.

And here it is. Custom-brewed by a local bodyshop, Bermuda Blue it seems isn’t a hue they see much call for, more’s the pity. On the advice of a trusted bodywork expert, who didn’t actually piss himself with laughter on seeing my handiwork as I thought he might, I bought three spraycans of the stuff which should be enough for four good coats between sandings and two for luck. All I need now is a batch of P38 Isopon filler and some weekend time, and it’s the latter which has presented the delay.
The 306 is in daily use on Nic’s commute, including working weekends where necessary. My new job means I’ve won my weekends back, so theoretically I can work on the Pug on any given Saturday. But we’ve got into the habit of using our weekends to do interesting things together. Going places, seeing folk, doing stuff.
As the weather gets worse and going away over weekends look less attractive, it’ll get done. I promise. And you’ll be the 2nd to know.
Meanwhile, my wife had her birthday on the 15th July. She chose to only obliquely acknowledge her gaining of another year of age, and instead celebrated the birthday of something else dear to her.
Some custom cake decoration was called for, and the Peugeot’s 21st was marked properly, with much toasting and many whoops of glee and disbelief.
The cake was very nice too.
(All images copyright Chris Haining / Hooniverse 2016)

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  1. engineerd Avatar

    That’s the best idea for a birthday…ever.
    Tell me about the weekend thing. I’ve been trying to fix the Jeep’s hood for 2 months now, but have not had the time to do so on weekends. It’s always “Family time something something”. Then my 18 month old daughter giggles at me and I melt and go along with whatever she wants to do.

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      My three week vacation: One week of fixing the house, two weeks of playing with, getting spit on and hit by, and otherwisely entertaining my own and everyone else’s kids. Great fun, but, hence, still no project car here, which is a shame. We also did a bit more than 1000 km in these two weeks of travels and visits – without anything resembling an issue. Strangely easy.
      Great update on the Pug; good to see it remains appreciated.

  2. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    When does your wife get a long service medal?

  3. Fuhrman16 Avatar

    That is an awesome cake!

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