Project Car Motivation: Vintage Corvair Ads

Look at that! How can you possibly say no?
Look at that! How can you possibly say no?

Since it doesn’t appear anyone has yet lept into the fray and purchased those two decrepit beautiful Corvairs I posted yesterday for sale on Craigslist for only $500, I figured I’d provide some additional motivation.
If Mad Men has taught us anything, it’s that the most trustworthy, reliable sources of information are, invariably, advertisements. Forget Wikipedia, anyone can muck around with that thing. Advertisements would never lie to you.
A few things we noticed:
Old and new stereotypes were merrily combined in the ’60s. The wife is still stereotyped as merrily going out and shopping in her husband’s Corvair, and returning home with a great many parcels. But clearly the “man as the king of his castle” stereotype of the ’50s is long dead by the 1960s, for there’s no doubt that the wife has the priority choice when it comes to the family car:
Corvair Ad 9
Also, it’s worth pointing out that for some strange reason, the advertising department at Chevrolet saw fit to advertise the Corvair with a miniature tagline to a similarly painted and posed Corvette, as if to say, “Look, it’s just like the Corvette! Only rear-engined. And air-cooled. And poorly-handling. And of questionable reliability.” Maybe it’s not so surprising that my mother got them confused.
Corvair Ad 23Anything else you kids notice? Have a look through the gallery below!

Special thanks to for a website I could easily spend the rest of my life browsing.
And yes, I know there are some images doubled up. WordPress won’t let me fix it til I get home, so just pretend they’re not there, mmmkay? Thanks.

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13 responses to “Project Car Motivation: Vintage Corvair Ads”

  1. lilwillie Avatar

    You want to top those off with a Twelver of Miller Lite and a Bottle of Hoon Vodka you might get me to buy in. The last few projects I decided to buy and build all involved the Sinister Sauce.

  2. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    How could I say no?
    Like this.
    “That’s awesome, but no.”

  3. superbadd75, enriched with vitamins and minerals. Avatar
    superbadd75, enriched with vitamins and minerals.

    Uh, I think… no.

  4. superbadd75, enriched with vitamins and minerals. Avatar
    superbadd75, enriched with vitamins and minerals.

    All of the above sound okay to me except step #2. If I can get said slutty chick without the nuthugger swimming trunks, I’d much prefer it that way.

  5. Tomsk Avatar

    As much as I dig Corvairs (and lord knows there’s a family history with ’em), my masochist streak doesn’t run quite deep enough.

    1. discontinuuity Avatar

      I didn’t know there was a spam filter. Guess that means I’ll have to find somewhere else to sell V!@gr@

    2. scroggzilla Avatar

      Dearthair, I think I’ve found your solution. A 1966 Corvair Corsa Turbo. If the ad is to be believed….and according to you, it should be…’s been treated to a proper restoration and all 180 rampaging turbo-charged ponies are waiting for you to take them Porsche hunting. That’s right, Dearthair…..turbo ponies. Cute like regular ponies, but with frickin turbochargers!

  6. Deartháir Avatar

    Wait… erotic films shot completely in minivans and wagons?
    Don’t they usually call those “FBI Surveillance Tapes”?
    Regardless… TO GOOGLE!
    …uh… I mean… for shame!

  7. Maymar Avatar

    If you just learned of the Corvan, are you aware of the Rampside pickup? Are you holding onto your socks? Because if you look it up and aren’t prepared, they will be blown off.

  8. Maymar Avatar

    This ad clearly proves the Corvair is safe at any speed – the music is all jaunty, and not ominous and bassoony (even when they deliberately flip the car)
    Also, at 5:40, we learn that the Corvair’s into S&M.

  9. chayesfss Avatar

    I’ve got a ’65 with a 383 stroker where the back seat used to be, they’re called corv-8’s. You can even buy your pre-made road bomb already running

  10. Sonja Bulle Avatar

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