Pre-Season Sebring Jitters



As things stand, we are less than one month from the 12 hours of Sebring, known by many as one of the most difficult races in the world.  Many of the teams are scrambling to prepare for the event, fitting in some last minute testing, and taking a trip to the shaker rig!  Greg Pickett Racing Muscle Milk Team Cytosport grabbed their Acura HPD ARX-03a chassis and headed for the shaker to get some baseline chassis setup testing done before the pre-season test last week.  Luckily, they also brought something to record video with, and posted.  Watch the entire lap of Sebring, completed on a shaker rig, after the break. 

 Sebring is not known for being forgiving.  The track is old, disused, concrete slabs that have shifted and worn since their days as a military aircraft facility.  61 years of weather, racing, and general decay has taken its toll on the surface.  Pitted and pockmarked, the track is one of the roughest in the world, and for a car to even complete 12 hours of running on this surface is a miracle in itself.  Watch as the ARX chassis is beaten mercilessly through the tight Turn 17 linking the long Ulmann Straight with the short jaunt to the start/finish.  



Photo: Bradley C. Brownell  Video: Pickett Racing YouTube channel

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2 responses to “Pre-Season Sebring Jitters”

  1. apfeifer3 Avatar

    Very cool! Haven't seen a prototype on a shaker before. Hadn't looked before but now I will. I'm looking forward to being back at Sebring this year. Was one of the best racing experiences I've had.

  2. waltgator Avatar

    that was trippy never seen that

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