Porsche Zone Concours at Larz Anderson Auto Museum

Each year the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, MA (formerly Museum of Transportation) puts on a number of “lawn events”. Basically those are themed automotive gatherings. There is the Cadillac Day, the German Car Day, Day of Triumph, Swedish car Day, etc. You get the idea. I have been attending these events for years and they are always filled super nice people, great cars, and it’s fun for the whole family, even the non-enthusiasts. 

This year the Porsche Zone Concours event started off the season. It was an additional early event put on by Porsche Club of America, sponsors of the usual Porschefest (Porsche Day) which happens later on the season.  And right away things were different.  

I happened to be driving a Porsche that day, but due to lack of time and the insignificance of the model I was driving, I did not enter it into the concours. However I noticed an opportunity to take a picture of my car with two cars that were there. I stopped, got out, and asked the car owners if it was ok, to which they said yes. I pulled in and right away, a women from the PCA came up to me. I explained what I was doing and she too said ok. It was going to take less than a minute. 

Thirty seconds later, another one of the PCA event coordinators assumed that I was trying to sneak  my car into the judging area but without getting the proper paperwork (oh my). I obviously wasn’t. The guy threw a fit, started screaming at the top of his lungs and even opened the door to my car in what I am guessing was an attempt to move it, before I said “excuse me, what are doing?” His behavior was completely inappropriate and disrespectful.

Whatever. Being a calm person, and one who does not like to draw attention to myself, I told the dickhead gentleman that fine, I’ll move the car (fuck the picture at this point), and I did, but I was really annoyed, and frankly embarrassed by his attitude. I have never seen anything like that at the museum organized events in the years that I have been going there, or any other car show really. But wait, there is more…

I parked the car and came back to snap some pictures of the other cars at the show. Whatya know, I run into the dickhead. He sees me, puts on a dorky laugh, extends his hand to me as if to shake it, and says “nothing personal, I hope you understand that I had to do this… everyone back there was yelling at me…” 

At this point I am physically restraining myself from throwing an upper-cut into this guy’s shit-grinning jaw. Again, being totally calm I said “no, you didn’t, dickhead”. I walked away and I left it at that, ensuring that no one ended up in a hospital and/or in jail. Technically, I am pretty sure that I could have had his ass arrested for an attempted theft, which would have been awesome. Stay classy PCA.

Enjoy the pictures. 

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