Porsche GT3 Rally Clips: Begin Eargasm

Wouldn't It Be Cool to Have Video of This? Oh Wait...
Wouldn't It Be Cool to Have Video of This? Oh Wait…

A short but sweet post to start the day… hop the jump to watch a video of rally-running Porsche GT3s.

[Source: Thanks to CBML of The Car Lounge for posting the Youtube link]

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  1. Tim Odell Avatar
    Tim Odell

    Rallye Dentista?

  2. bill in texas Avatar
    bill in texas

    still tingling in my leg
    badly need cigarette
    recipe for success
    1. sell everything including wife and dogs
    2. move to wherever that was filmed
    3. buy house next to road with a t-1
    4. start auto pr0n website
    5. sell access to above website
    6. profit… or not who cares