Police Down Under swap their Aussie muscle for the US-made stuff

NSW Police Chrysler 300 SRT
With the demise of the locally built Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon in Australia, the various Police forces around the country are currently looking for replacements.
The NSW Police Highway Patrol has recently taken possession of a Chrysler 300 SRT, which will be used for promotional duties as various Events across the state. It will be interesting to watch others states and which way they will head. In the past we have seen everything from Toyota Camry’s to Hyundai Sonatas.
Hopefully the interest in American Muscle continues
[Image courtesy of NSW Police]


  1. It’s RHD, right? The greenhouse in the picture is so dark that it’s hard to tell.

      1. A friend of mine is a longtime mechanic, and a maintenance supervisor for the City of Dallas. Dallas PD has lots of Chargers, and they’re Pentastar V6 cars, instead of Hemis. His main complaint about the Chargers is that the front suspension parts are fragile (cops like to make U-turns, hopping curbs in the process). The Panthers were more forgiving about stuff like that.
        Also, DPD officers have a bad habit of driving into high water, and hydrolocking the Pentastars. Usually their fix is to replace the engines with ones out of the wrecked Chargers they keep as parts cars.

        1. When the coolant line busted on the Vic, there wasn’t a place to go so we went over the concrete median to the parking lot to the south.
          Like a champ.

      1. Kinda worrying, the apocalypse must be imminent, forget Apple shares or gold, tinned food and shotguns, and V8s, it’s the only sensible investment.

        1. I should complete the sentence to say who would have thought that it would be Chrysler with the last, after they had shut down locally​ in 1980, being sold to Mitsubishi.
          There is plenty of “last” fever for Holden, or HSV in particular with the GTS-R W1. I saw at least a regular GTS-R recently in the astonishingly bright Spitfire Green. There are some special edition Holdens but they aren’t anywhere near as special as the W1.
          I haven’t heard much about the last Toyota though, perhaps it will be more like the last Valiant which was just a regular model. The only thing to mark its passing was one of the production line workers had written “the last barstard” (sic) in the boot/trunk.

  2. heard the other through the kia grapevine (I work in spares for a kia/Nissan dealership) that the Victorian cops are considering the new kia stinger twin turbo , but they’ll be chipping them for that little extra oomph
    rumour also has it that they are also going AMG and possibly the Hyundai nemesis supercar

    1. I’d be surprised if they buy AMGs, they would be far too expensive and Mercedes have said they won’t sell stripped out versions to drop the price. Back in 1990 there was a push to use M-B 300E’s to replace the V8 Commodore of the time because it was quite unstable at high speed. The price then was too much, plus the local cars soon improved.
      Even the 300 SRT Core model is $15k more expensive than a Commodore SS. I could see the Stinger happening too.

  3. A truly American car. Well, let’s make that a North American car. Many parts made in Mexico and the car itself made in Chrysler’s own plant, originally built for American Motors, in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.
    Quite near but not in the USA. Do British Commonwealth products still have less import duty applied in Australia?
    That’s the reason Ford Australia V8s were from Windsor, Ontario.

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