Podcast: Episode 75 – Whir: The best impression that Blake has ever done

Podcast-Image-Lead-75 Chris, Blake, and myself are all back in the same room for the first time in weeks. Blake has been off checking out the new ND Miata, and I was running wild down in Baja to test a brand-new BFGoodrich KO2 tire. We’re back now though, and Blake has shown up at the podcast palace riding the Zero SR electric motorcycle. My ride isn’t as cool as that (Elantra GT) but I did just spend a weekend with the 2014 Dodge Viper. Hop the jump to hear more about all of that… Hooniverse – Whir: The best impression that Blake has ever done P lease go to iTunes to rank and review us. The higher we climb, the better we can see our house from here.

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