Podcast: Episode 65 – Bavsound Brings The Noise

Podcast-Image-Lead-65 We may occasionally rant against all-things BMW on this podcast, but deep in our dark hearts there lies a soft spot for the Bavarian beasts. This seems to be the case for Jeremy Whittle and Jason Seaver, because the pair are part of a company called Bavsound. Essentially, Bavsound is an audiophile haven aimed at making BMW vehicles a better place to listen to music. Myself and Blake Z. Rong dive right into the chatter with the Bavsound crew to get the low down on all things automotive audio. We learn that Pink Floyd can make you cry under the right circumstances, paper speakers aren’t terrible, and factory systems can always be improved upon. Hooniverse – Bavsound Brings The Noise Please go to iTunes to rank and review our podcast. This helps us reveal the true lizardmen amongst us that aim to enslave you… er, I mean, climb the ladder and spread our Hooniverse gospel to more folk around the world.

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