Podcast: Episode 37 – We talk Forza 5 with Game Director Dan Greenawalt


Welcome to a special episode of the Hooniverse Podcast. It’s a short episode, which is good since you’re attention span is effectively nil with Thanksgiving around the corner. We had just 15 minutes of chatting time available but we used it to sit down with Dan Greenawalt, the creative director of Turn 10 Studios. Greenawalt is the man responsible for the Forza Motorsports series, and we had a chance to sit with him just a few hours before the launch of the XBox One and Forza 5.

Even though it’s just 15 minutes, we dive into what makes the game special, and how it’s evolved along with the capabilities of the latest generation console. Of course we ask him about the reduced number of cars and tracks at launch, and we also chat about his own personal ride … as well as his current affliction, which he describes as meno-porsche.

It’s short, but it’s sweet… and it’s waiting for your ear canals after the jump.

Hooniverse – Dan Greenawalt of Forza 5 at the XBox One Launch

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