Podcast: Episode 250 – It’s the Blake and Jonathon show!

Blake BZR Rong returns alongside friend of Hooniverse Jonathon Klein to deliver an on-the-road podcast. The pair are attending a press event in Utah and they decided to sit down and chat about all things automotive. Well, first they make fun of Chris and I and then they get to talking about cars.. eventually.

Regardless, they’re funny and you should listen.


  1. Lmaooooooo this is gold. Nice job boys. Blake your laugh-out-loud impression of Jeff is perfect.

  2. Woooo! Great episode!! But surely St. George Utah is 10 hours away from LA, not 5? Maybe 5 hours after midnight and at 90MPH. The only Troy McClure movie I remember is The Wet Electrician.

  3. “Like a dune buggy that really got into Limp Bizkit in the late 90s” – brilliant 😀

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