Podcast: Episode 22 – We Wheally Wuv Wheelswith Alan Peltier from HRE Wheels


Another day, another podcast, right? No, you’re not right because each week we’re trying to bring you some delightful car talk and this week is no exception. Our guest this week is Alan Peltier who is the President of HRE Wheels, an engineer who also likes planes, and a true car guy in every sense of the word. You’ll see why later in the podcast.

Blake is here as well, and our topics include the Infiniti G37 versus Q50 sales debacle that is coming, and the fact that a man in the Philippines had to pay $750,000 to buy a Ferrari F12 just to have a chance to buy the upcoming LaFerrari. Additionally, I’m insanely jealous because Blake is off on his way to Germany today to drive a Porsche Panamera Turbo at the Nurburgring.

Seriously. Jealous.

Regardless, it’s a pretty dang good episode of the podcast, and I really think you’re going to enjoy this one. Blake even sits on an actual HRE wheel at one point… which somehow raised the value of his Miata by a few grand.

Hop the jump to have a listen.

Hooniverse – We Wuv Wheels! w/ Alan Peltier from HRE Wheels

blake on tire

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