Podcast: Episode 216 – Joel Strickland arrives with Aussie Beer (and car stories)

Friend of Hooniverse Joel Strickland is an Australian photographer. He’s contributed to our site, and also produces great imagery work for a whole lot of automakers and motorsports teams in his native land. Joel happened to be stateside for a few days, so we invited him on to the podcast.

We’re going to learn about some Aussie beer before diving into the world of the automobile.

Hooniverse – Joel Strickland arrives with Aussie Beer (and car stories)

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One response to “Podcast: Episode 216 – Joel Strickland arrives with Aussie Beer (and car stories)”

  1. outback_ute Avatar

    I know this is really late but speaking of learning about Aussie beer, why do Queenslanders call beer XXXX? Because they can’t spell beer!

    A couple of other things, a Mustang GT is about $60k now that they don’t have to have an aftermarket RHD conversion, which by the time you add the options that are standard here and sales tax that is included in the MSRP and convert to Pacific Pesos ($AUD) is actually not that bad. The Monaro was about $55k and high end HSV’s were $85k – not really comparable to the GTO apart from power which was just software settings.

    Jeff they made less than 950 XB GT hardtops, which is one reason why they are expensive now. Even base 6-cyl hardtops will have V8s now and probably a $50k pricetag for a good one, $5k won’t even buy a barely restorable rust bucket – and that is rust by northern US standards. So many are gone and so many people want them.

    Thanks guys