Podcast: Episode 20 – Low Key Anniversary 'Cast


We’ve made it to 20 episodes… but just barely.

Blake trekked down to my Huntington Beach apartment so we could knock out a quick episode for you this week. We’ve both been traveling like mad men (not the cool kind on AMC), and we had to squeeze this episode in to make sure we got something up for you. Consider this episode our low-key anniversary edition. We recorded it in my back yard so you can hear the sounds of the ocean breeze. You can also hear a random fire truck part of the way through.

On this episode we talk about how there will never be another BMW M3 coupe, the Jaguar XFRS Sportbrake, and how the 2014 Evo is just another sign that the car can’t be refreshed soon enough. Blake talks about riding a Ducati and also talks about his own motorcycle, which is now for sale (FYI, my Civic is cheaper and offers more wheels, doors, and roof). After that we venture out to my garage so I can show Blake The Wombat.

Hit the jump to listen.

Hooniverse – Low Key Anniversary ‘Cast

For those interested, here is more info on Blake’s bike that is for sale.

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3 responses to “Podcast: Episode 20 – Low Key Anniversary 'Cast”

  1. bzr Avatar

    Blake The Wombat is my stage name. Also, PLEASE BUY MY BIKE.

  2. smokyburnout Avatar

    This episode was so quiet I was sure my headphones were broken!
    I bought new headphones anyway.
    Heard the fire truck.
    Broken clock probably just needs new capacitors but this would be a good excuse to just rip it out and swap in a tach/clock combo, or I guess something from the Auto Meter catalog

  3. Rowcha Avatar

    The audio on this podcast is suuuper low for some reason.

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