Podcast: Episode 180 – Pete Brock


Pete Brock is a legendary name in the automotive world. That Ferrari-beating Shelby Daytona Coupe we all love? Pete Brock shaped it. The red, white, and blue BRE Datsun race cars that won a ton of races and even did well in Baja? That’s Brock Racing Enterprises. Hell, the man decided to put his mind at work designing hang gliders and created the largest hang gliding company in the world, before he decided to return to the automotive world.

Hooniverse is …a name in the automotive world. Pete Brock has joined Hooniverse to chat on the podcast, and he’s got a few bombs to drop along the way.

Here’s one for you; Did you know that the Ford Mustang should’ve had independent rear suspension since damn near the start? It almost happened thanks to Brock. That is until one decision reverted the whole idea back to that solid rear that stuck with the Mustang for decades.

You’re going to want to listen to this one:

Hooniverse – Pete Brock – SEMA 2016

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