Podcast: Episode 160 – Poke me man… go!


I’m back in the podcast studio and joined this week by great friend of the show Zack Klapman. We talk about Zach’s adventure in Germany and his ongoing search for a car. Zack has narrowed it down to hunting for the right E36 M3. Meanwhile, I have some HoonTruck updates and I also recently took a quick spin in a Superformance GT40 MkII.

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Hooniverse – Poke me man… go!

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2 responses to “Podcast: Episode 160 – Poke me man… go!”

  1. Mister Sterling Avatar
    Mister Sterling

    Best cars of 1980? You’re right. Most are crap. What does come to mind, aside from a few European cars are the light Japanese trucks. Some of those are high in demand today.

    My birth year, 1973, isn’t much better. But things were more interesting on the other side of the pond. http://classics.honestjohn.co.uk/top-10s/top-10-the-class-of-1973

    Oh and here is that 2001 Toyota Echo Roxy Edition.

  2. Maymar Avatar

    I think that’s what stood out for me the most when I was on the Autobahn (sadly, in a motor coach), that most of the cars really blasting along were Passats and 5-Series in company car spec, driven by serious looking middle-aged men. I swear they all had the same haircut and pair of thin-framed glasses. There was a Veyron too, but the majority really using the Autobahn to its fullest looked like they had somewhere to be.

    Also, with the car for your mortal enemy, you’re both separately on one part of the right track. You need something depressing and soulless, but also unreliable and complex or hard to find parts for (if nothing else the Eos is still a convertible). You want them to be miserable both in the experience of getting somewhere, and their inability to do so consistently. I’m going to suggest the Suzuki Verona/Chevrolet Epica/Daewoo Tosca Axis of Awful, but I’m sure there are better suggestions in a similar vein.