Podcast: Episode 151 – Race Recap 3


The Motorsports world is in full swing so Duncan Ende and I sit down to recap what the hell is going on out there in some of our favorite racing series. Duncan takes the lead this week and we chat about Formula One, IMSA, IndyCar, and a few other bits and pieces.

Hooniverse – Race Recap 3

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One response to “Podcast: Episode 151 – Race Recap 3”

  1. Garrett Michael Avatar
    Garrett Michael

    I still am trying to wrap my head around this years F1 season. I don’t know if it is luck that Nico is winning every race of the season, and that Lewis continually has setbacks? Certainly Nico and Lewis are used to going one/two, but this season has been much more dramatic, especially for Lewis. And that Grosjean is only 11 points behind Vettel? Despite this year still being a Mercedes show, this has been the most exciting F1 season I’ve seen in quite some time. Quality podcast guys. Great recap.