Podcast: Episode 147 – Ladyballsw/guests Aaron Gold and Miles Branman

Podcast-Image-Lead-147 Chris and I are joined in the studio by guests Aaron Gold (About.com) and Miles Branman (Digital Trends). The topics include some new car news:

  • Tesla Model 3
  • Mazda patents a rotary engine
  • Porsche makes a …chair.
  • BMW offering an incredible two-day driving school.

After that, we get into how our guests got into the world of automotive journalism. Aaron got his start as an intern in the UK and Miles fell in with the Fast Lane Daily team. After that we meander through listener questions before a few updates on the truck and other things we’ve driven. Hooniverse – Ladyballs w/guests Aaron Gold & Miles Branman Please go to iTunes to rate and review this podcast. Very nice!

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