I am no BMW fan. Sure, I like a handful of models from a time when BMW stood by its Ultimate Driving Machine tagline. But the modern stuff leaves me cold. Still, I have fond memories of those old BMW Films. An E39 M5 soaring through the air or a Z4 beating the devil. An original X5 ripping through a jungle. All great shots done by top-tier directors telling fantastic short stories. From that era of BMW, I have one car that remains on my Must Own list. It’s the E38 7 Series.

This is the 3rd-generation of BMW’s flagship sedan. You can have one with a V8 or a V12, but either one still looks like a stunner to this day. And the cars are (relatively speaking) dirt cheap. I found one in California with a bundle of miles (209,000), clean exterior and interior, and the M Sport package.

The seller is asking $3,700 or best offer. If I could get the price down to $3,000 or under, why shouldn’t I buy this? Please talk me out of getting this one.


Here’s the link to the ad. And here’s a link to an even cheaper one…