Please Put This $275 ’62 Mercury Meteor on Your List

Now you know how dog lovers feel at shelters.
When someone mentions Mercury today, odds are the first thought that springs to mind is either “They still make those?” or “I would walk from one end of Russia to the other wearing nothing but tighty whities full of industrial-strength itching powder while listening to an endless loop of Starship’s ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’ if that’s what it took to get lucky a date with Jill Wagner.” Ahem Of course, Ford’s mid-range brand didn’t always have a secure place in every man, woman and child’s automotive nameplate death pool. Proof? This 1962 Meteor 4-door sedan, offered for the low, low LeMons-friendly price of $275. That’s cheaper than a PS3, folks! For ’62, the Meteor was Mercury’s Ford Fairlane-based intermediate model, slotted above the compact Comet but below the full-size Monterey. This particular car has the tiny 221 ci. Windsor V8 – which was good for 145hp – mated to an automatic. The seller says “the engine starts, but has a knock.” He also says the transmission is good and the body is solid, despite some surface rust. If he doesn’t sell it by the end of this week, he’s going to start parting it out, which he really doesn’t want to do, and by golly, he shouldn’t have to! So what are you waiting for? Get yer ass to scenic Ukiah, California yesterday! Craigslist Sucka Free

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