Pit Stops – Then and Now

Pit Stop

Races are often times won or lost in the pits. The time it takes simply to replace lap-worn tires can mean the loss of position, and a team’s timing of each stop is a critical part of their competitive strategy.  The great equalizer of course is that every team faces the same daunting task of making each pit stop as fast as possible.

Over the years however, the bar for that ‘fast as possible’ has been raised considerably. This short video comparing a 1950 Indianapolis 500 stop by Bill Holland in the Deidt-Offenhauser and his team with that of Fernando Alonso and the Ferrari team at the 2013 Melbourne Grand Prix shows by just how much. Yes, Holland had to have his car refueled (not allowed these days) but he only took two tires, while Alonso gets all four meats replaced. Check out what a difference 63 years makes right after the jump.


Source: YouTube 


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