Ford Lightning Tribute in red

Pioneer Ford in Georgia has MORE Lightning tributes for sale

Do you remember that awesome Ford Lightning tribute truck that our own Greg Kachadurian drove a few years back? Pioneer Ford created that. Well, they’ve reached back out because they have some 2021 models all built up and ready to roll. These get a unique suspension, a sweet wheel and tire setup, and a Roush supercharged engine cranking out 750 horsepower. Also, these are single-cab trucks, which seem rarer by the day. Add in the well-made Lightning badges, and you have a recipe for one kick-ass truck.

I don’t know the price of these. I’m sure they’re not cheap. But I do know they look pretty awesome. And we need to get Greg back down there to give them another spin, perhaps…

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One response to “Pioneer Ford in Georgia has MORE Lightning tributes for sale”

  1. Maymar Avatar

    Would it be sacrilegious to want to see a Lightning treatment Expedition as well?

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