Pinto Cruising Wagon? Hell Yes! Can Someone Spot Me $3500?

Dear lord, could you pack any more style, finesse, panache, into a single package? Who wants to cruise for a run-in with law enforcement near an elementary school chicks?

Another example of the fine breed.
You’re looking at an honest-to-goodness ’78 Pinto Cruising Wagon, a factory built special that makes my perennial favorite, the Holden Sandman, almost look like an also-ran in the kitchy wagon world. Ford popped a bubble window into a panel version of the Pinto, added some bold graphics to the side and some extra interior and suspension pieces, and let it loose on a hormonal populace. I imagine you get a girl into the passenger seat of this here cruisin’ wagon, and her polyester blouse would instantly combust. Which would not be good for her bust, actually. This example (the orange one) is for sale in Oregon, in pretty good – that is to say, unflambéed – condition. There’s some cosmetic work to be done, but if you get it the only cosmetics you should be worrying about will be smeared on your collar, if you catch my drift. (Beaverton, OR)

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