Pick Up this JDM Toyota Soarer Before Someone Drifts it into a Curb

1986 toyota soarer for saleThe 1986-1991 Japan-only Toyota Soarer shared its chassis with the same era’s Supra, which we did get. That era’s Supras earned a reputation for joylessness, despite the 7M-GTE motor’s tolerance to turbo boost pressures commonly found on the ocean floor. The Soarer made fewer sporting claims in favor of being a grand tourer. Nevertheless, they tend to be magnets for all the worst of treatments JDM cars receive: bosuzuku, VIP, hella stanced, etc.

Thankfully, this one’s been spared that treatment. It was imported to Texas legally under the 25 year rule and is ready for use anywhere that won’t require an emissions test (you’re killing me, California). Per the seller, it’s in excellent, but not perfect cosmetic shape and runs well. Having been in and out of a few late-80s Toyotas, I can tell exactly how that interior corduroy and plastic would feel. Same with the shifter and other driver controls. What I can’t comment on is what the 200-ish HP 1G-GTE twin-turbo 2.0L straight six feels like to drive. If that’s not enough grunt (and front-end weight) for you, the seller has all the necessary parts to drop in a 7M-GTE, as well.

1986 toyota soarer for sale

Hopefully the next owner doesn’t modify it further and instead keeps things on the mellow track they’re on today. For somewhere between $5,500 and $6,500, that could be your call to make.

1986 JDM RHD Toyota Soarer for sale – eBay Motors  

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