Pagani Zonda made out of LEGO

I have spent my childhood quietly playing with LEGOs. Hours a day, every day, LEGO was my life until I expended my horizons to scale models which offered me the attention to detail impossible to replicate with LEGOs. Recently, with a four-year-old running around the house, I began to experience a LEGO renaissance of sort and I am currently in a middle of painfully long task of putting together the most complex LEGO set ever created.


Edit: the source link seemed to have gone dead, too bad as there was a ton of cool stuff there. 

It is the frustration of not being able to recreate the desired details of the cars I was building that has me in awe over this Pagani Zonda. Operational doors, engine cover, and front clamshell. Everything color-coordinated and very exact, although I don’t think that the wheels are LEGO. The model’s large scale (small size) is what makes is more amazing. Good job Firas Abu-Jaber! Looks like there are other cool models in there, and I recently came upon a ton of other LEGO website which have more adult content (search engine key word right there), so be prepared for more of this stuff, carefully interlaced in between the usual Hooniverse shenanigans. Unless of course, you’re not interested?

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