Open the Door for Your. . . Mystery Car

Your date with destiny has arrived. And this time, you won’t need those roofies. So impress your friends with the exhibition of your mad automotive knowledge skills. Or, fire up Google Images if those skills are more sad than mad.
Click through the jump and see if you can guess the following- make, model, engine, and year-range. At least, once you get it, you’ll have something to talk about on your next blind date.

What the truck?!
What the truck?!

Here’s a car (that’s a clue, by the way) that you may or may not be familiar with. One thing’s for certain- if you showed up in this for your mystery date, it had better not be a double, despite this car’s looks.
The answer will be revealed later today should it not be divined here from this very revealing shot. Happy hunting!
Image Source: [CanadianBlogs]


    1. The mystery deepens – that coupe has the nose from the Pininfarina designed spider (aside from the single headlamps). The mass production Fiat Dino Coupes were designed by Bertone and were much more angular. Perhaps our mystery car is a prototype of some sort?

    1. That should read “Ghia 450 SS and a MaSer ‘Birdcage'”
      Oh, also, I’m disappointed that a visual-dominant memory is termed as ‘sad’…

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