One-Up The UberBird with this Stick-shift 735i

bmw 735 for salebmw 735 for sale Never has a car so begged for LeMonization. Sure, the extra size might put you at a little disadvantage over the more nimble e30s and Sentras on track, but we need to remember: this is an endurance race; driver comfort is paramount. When it comes to comfort, nothing delivers like a 7-series. Just look at that interior. This Idaho-based example’s got the bulletproof M30 I6 hooked up to a five-speed manual transmission, giving it a pretty straightforward platform to take on-track. Speaking of platforms, its prodigious size and gray color are a obvious lead-in to a aircraft carrier theme: cut off everything outside of a driver’s pod, set up to look like a conning tower. Flatten out the rest. Hell, the BMW “overbite” kinda matches the front end of a carrier. For extra ridiculousness, maybe do a German version of Top Gun? Gehen in die Gefahrenzone! eBay Moterwerks

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