Ok, Time to Stop Adding Lightness

Lotus Elan Chassis for sale
50 Hooniverse points for IDing all the cars in this garage
We’re all familiar with the famous words of Colin Chapman and their application to Lotus motorcars. Perhaps someone took this credo a little too far in application to a 1964 Elan. The seller claims the chassis is rust and accident free, which means either the body was accidentally washed with nitric acid, or…well…we’re not sure how else  a body gets away from a chassis without rust or accidents. Typically if we’re looking at a car in need of tons of little interior, body or trim bits, we’d say you’d destined to languish in Project Car Hell for all eternity. For some reason, we see this as an opportunity to start with a blank slate. More accurately, and easel, as the slate’s not even there. Off hand, we’d recommend turbo rotary power and a backyard Ariel Atom or X-Bow looking minimalist body, made of aluminum, just to keep things interesting. What would you do with this collection of scrap metal a ’64 Lotus chassis? Hit up eBay Motors for your opportunity. 6 Days left, bidding starts at $1500.

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