NYIAS – The very sad state of Mitsubishi Cars

Wandering around the bottom level of the show, I came across the Mitsubishi Cars booth, and all I can think is how sad the display is. There were a few Lancers (though not one Evo!), a few Outlanders, more than a few Outlander Sports, and a couple of Mitsubishi i Electric Vehicles. Nothing really exciting, but make the jump for the exception…

This is the I-MiEV Sports Air Concept, and all I can say is that this thing reminds me of a previous VW New Beetle on Drugs! The front end is very alien looking, with multiple lamps, and industrial looking details throughout the car.

There is one surprise from Mitsubishi Cars, and that’s the Lancer with All Wheel Control. I looked at the information packet, and it looks like this is an AWD system, and Mitsubishi would be among the few entry level automakers offering AWD at this price point.

I feel that this is too little too late, but what do I know? Tell me what you think.

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