NYIAS – The New Chevrolet Impala, and why it deserves a second look!

Jeff, Kamil and I toured the General Motors area (it’s one of the largest displays at the show) and I wanted to discuss the new Impala that was introduced a few hours earlier. I have never been impressed with the FWD Impalas during the last several years, but the new 2014 Impala is really a game changer in my opinion. Check out some of the images I was able to capture, and see if you agree with me.

The interior of the lead image was nothing short of amazing, for a car that will be introduced to the public within the next few months. Yes, you are seeing color, not the usual Gray or Charcoal. It reminds me of the Chamois interiors of old, and it contrasts nicely with the usual dark colors you would normally find today.

The rear of the Impala is much improved after the rental car looking versions of the past. The body sculpting is actually quite well done, unlike the 2000 era Impalas. The overall look is a car that looks much more upscale than in the past.

The front of the car points to the next design paradigm for the bow-tie brand. The Impala, and the recently facelifted Traverse shows that Chevy is moving away from the split grill designs to a front-end that actually projects a presence. But I’m only one voice, so tell me what you think of this car. I think it was one of the more important updates for Chevy.

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