NYIAS Afternoon Photo Dump

This is the second photo dump from NYIAS. Unfortunately I couldn’t upload these pictures at Javits Convention media room because their internet connection, both wired and wireless, was basically nonexistent. I don’t know how the pros get anything done there. More observations:

  • Audi has the most amazing booth babe professionals. I’ll get some pics later.
  • Update: I didn’t get a chance to get any pics of said professionals… and that’s ok, because this website is about cars and only cars and no one wants to see amazingly hot tall beautiful women in tight dresses.
  • Dodge loves carbon-fiber too.
  • Mazda concept (didn’t get the name) is really pretty.
  • Impossible to get close to the Viper for a clear pic. More on that later.
  • MINI April Fool’s amphibian MINI did not have a… propeller. Or anything else that’s otherwise seen on a vessel. Despite that I heard at least four people ask the booth pro if it can go into water.
  • Weird old guy, who was wearing a corduroy jacket and a hat with a feather, was checking out the Bentley and old Range Rover in great detail.
  • Acura RLX is like the new NSX but the other way around; FWD via conventional engine, RWD via electric motors for a grand total of AWD. It’s also seemed pretty big, especially the rear seat. 
  • More on the Viper later.
  • The BMW 6-series Gran Coupe, which isn’t a coupe and therefore Jeff hates it, is beautiful. Pricey, but beautiful.
  • Enough with the matte paint jobs already, this shit in gonna be played out like… some kind of a played out player (sorry, can’t think, two hours of sleep) within a week.
  • Enough with the carbon-fiber already, that shit was played out in 1996. 

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