NSU Spider Wankel Formerly Known as Prinz Makes a Rare eBay Appearance

Purple rain, pur-ple rain. . . oops, sorry. Before Mazda let us know that while others went boing-boing-boing, they went hmmmmmm, NSU brought to market the world’s first production car powered by a Wankel engine. And now eBay has an NSU Spider with a starting bid of $15,000. Does that make you go hmmmmm?
Originating in 1964, the convertible version of the NSU sport prinz added a front-mounted radiator as well as a 498-cc single rotor Wankel engine in the rear. The Wankel sits aft of the four-speed gearbox and puts out something in the neighborhood of fifty horsepower. As 1960s metallurgy had yet to find a satisfactory solution to apex seal longevity, the rotary spiders had a greater than average failure rate, and warranty claims added to the woes of the already financially teetering firm. Production ended in 1967 as NSU attempted their second, and last, try at a rotary car- the vaunted but flawed RO80.
This Prinz has few miles due to a lengthly stint in solitary confinement. Despite that, it’s in pretty nice shape, although the taken at night pictures don’t do the car justice. If you’re into historically significant but weird little cars, you might want to check this spider out. You sure won’t be seeing another one come across the block anytime soon.

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  1. engineerd Avatar

    I think Hooniverse should use its massive amounts of ad revenue to buy this for Jeremy then follow his exploits with it. Call it the Spider Wankel Movement. It'll be like Ford's Fiesta Movement, only more Hoonish.

    1. jeremy![™] Avatar

      agreed. with a slight alteration to the idea. prinz the standard not the spider.

      1. scroggzilla Avatar

        You'd settle for a "standard" Prinz? I'd figured you'd demand a TT, minimum!

        1. jeremy![™] Avatar

          well… i have to live in reality.

        2. jeremy![™] Avatar

          also i think ive seen every single prinz on the net for sale. that one is pricey and in need of shipping. and if i were to ship from the uk i might as well go all the way.

      2. Jo_Schmo Avatar

        on one condition, you have to change your name to damnprinz™

        1. jeremy![™] Avatar
  2. neil Avatar

    what would be a fair price for one of these cars

  3. seo cost Avatar

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