Not The Right Line For That Turn: Angeles Crest Edition

[youtube][/youtube] YouTuber TurboFoz posted a video that shows dashcam footage of his brush with death. The clip has gone viral at this point, as it’s a pretty miraculous bit of video and even more miraculous that the driver survived. The vehicle being driven here is a Subaru Forester, and the road its being whipped on is Angeles Crest Highway. This is a truly glorious stretch of ribbony tarmac that rises away from the smog-ridden congestion of Los Angeles and into the beauty beholden to California. On a particular portion of this road, way near the top, is a pair of tunnels. These make for the perfect spot with which to open up the taps and let your engine and exhaust roar. It seems that’s what TurboFoz was trying to do when he exited the tunnels, and shit went way down south way fast. The action happens right around the 1:17 mark in the video above. What I don’t get from the video, however, is exactly how this colossal cock-up happened. Sure, the driver felt they had too much speed for the corner that arrives right after the tunnel, but that’s a pretty damn easy corner to make. It’s long and it sweeps to the left in a consistent manner, maybe even opening a bit as you go through it. I’ve driven this road a number of times, and I’m absolutely floored that an incident this bad happened where it did. Oh well, at least the driver walked away and can learn from whatever the hell he really did inside the cabin of that car. Bonus Video: The 1970 Porsche we shot on that same stretch of road [youtube][/youtube]

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