SEMA this year will feature many Jeep Gladiator builds. But what about a forward control Jeep? The FC models will always have my attention. Even if it is decrepit and in your backyard rusted out, I will want a shot at it. The FC Jeeps are becoming rarer every year.

Jeep displayed the FC Concept at the Easter Jeep Safari in 2012 and it has always stuck with me. 

This week at SEMA another FC build will be introduced to the world. RSO Performance restored an older FC and it looks great.

The body of the FC appears to be relatively stock with the addition of some fender flares and utility storage boxes along the bed. There also is a step to help those entering the rear seats. 


Inside there is a 2+2 seating arrangement with a large console located between the rear bucket seats. The gauges are updated to modern units with some kind of infotainment screen located in the middle. There is also an overhead console that runs the length of the cab with map lights. A lockbox located underneath the rear seat as well. There are Molle straps on the back of both the front seats allowing for all kinds of storage options to be attached there. It looks like some Molle on the bottom of the rear seats as well. Weird.


No performance specifications are available. Is it safe to assume it’s a Pentastar V6 or a Hemi V8? Sure, but we really don’t know. 


I’ll allow it. Overall, as SEMA builds go, it’s good. It’s respectful of the FC models that came before it, but with a lot of modern accessories bolted onto the truck. The front and rear bumpers are good including the winch and spare tire swing-out. The fridge/freezer and traction boards in the bed have to be there or it wouldn’t be a SEMA build. At least the rooftop tent on this build is mostly out of the aerodynamic profile of the FC. That flat front isn’t doing the truck any favors, but having the RTT lower in the bed helps. It just blocks rear visibility now.

I would 100% want to drive this around Moab. Not bad, RSO Performance, not bad.